These events tend to be a fun, exciting and effective way to make a lot of initial connections in a very different environment from the standard business networking meetings. Football coach Barry Bennell A former victim of Bennell’s abuse had told jurors that “four people from teams I have played with, with Bennell, have taken their own lives”. Be sure to note the person s interests and goals you could help achieve. It s a good tool for business people to apply the visibility stage of the VCP Process TM--Visibility, Credibility, Profitability--that I mentioned in my past article, Build Relationships that Last. ” He said he wanted to get in touch with Speed’s parents after he read in the paper they had not been able to get closure because they had no explanation for his death. Speed networking programs generally involve people meeting each other one at a time for a short interval and then moving on to the next person in line. Speed was found dead by his wife at their home address on November 27, 2011.

The individuals sit across from one another and after the set time period--generally one or two minutes--the outside circle of people gets up and moves in one direction around the circle until everyone has met. You re not there to eliminate referral sources or referral partners. The court later heard there was no evidence to link any of the four deaths to Bennell. If you view the speed networking exercise as a type of catalyst event (see my past article Using Events to Gain Referrals ), you re already thinking with the end in mind. The magic happens after the exercise, in the weeks and months to come. Conduct the exercise as a mini interview. It said: “On both occasions Gary made it quite clear that he did not know anything about Bennell’s alleged behaviour and also made it clear that Bennell had never behaved inappropriately towards him.

A third man, Mark Hazeldine, killed himself on February 18, 2006. I believe speed networking can work if it s done the right way. The potential downside to speed networking is if someone thinks this is all they have to do to network effectively..
. Video Loading Why did someone do this to me what to do during speed dating. If you re already familiar with my material, you know how I feel about poaching at business events, looking for the big kill. While there are clearly some similarities, there is also a subtle but significant difference. .


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